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28th of February 2022:
The pirate painting additions continue into the year 2022, of which the newest one is called "Not Those Pirates Again!". Please go to my gallery here to see it.

29th of December 2021:
Another new pirate painting has appeared in my pirate gallery! It's called "Treasure Maps and Coconuts"! To have a look at it, please go here.

16th of November 2021:
There's a new painting to be viewed in the pirate gallery, called "Treasure Maps and Pistols"! Don't hesitate to view it here.

8th of Octobre 2021:
Today I can proudly present a new pirate painting called 'The Temple Of Guzota Kwazl'. You can view it now in my 'pirates' paintings gallery here!

09th of September 2021:
The lovely pirate girl Yolanda is ready for new adventures! You can see her in my new 'pirates' paintings gallery here!

10th of August 2021:
There is now more bonus music for my album "Full Piano Privilege" here! Additionally I've also added some new short comics: Army_Service, Cook, Olivia's Tapes, Shipwrecked, Space Programme, The Butler, The Underground Organist and The Wizard Monkey. And don't forget to look at my new Samurai Monkey pictures here: Samurai Monkey 1, Samurai Monkey 2, Samurai Monkey 3 and Samurai Monkey 4.

7th of June 2021:
I have finished a new pirate painting called 'Lucy's Revenge'. You can view it here.

27th of May 2021:
My new piano album, 'Full Piano Privilege', is now online! Download the MP3s here or enjoy the music on Youtube!

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